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White Deer Park out now


Visual Broadcast for new single 'Million Different Ways'

02 April 2014

Visual Broadcast for new single 'Million Different Ways'

Our new single ‘Million Different Ways’ was recorded at 123 beats per minute, and is about one’s inability to make a choice. This idea is reflected in the song’s many layers, which include guitars, bass, drums, and various instruments beginning with the letter ‘v’: voices, violin, viola, and even violoncello. The combination of these elements makes ‘Million Different Ways’ the perfect choice as the third single from our album White Deer Park . We hope you enjoy its visual broadcast, compiled from Super-8 footage of the band. Watch it here.

Play pool with Papa and see us with Ball Park Music

01 April 2014

Play pool with Papa and see us with Ball Park Music

So we’re going on tour with Ball Park Music starting this week and we thought it would be cool if we played some pool with ya’ll. Really, we’d prefer it was ping pong but tables with nets on them are hard to find in the music venues of Australia. So, please, enter this competition (through our friends at MusicFeeds), there will be a winner for each show on the Ball Park Music tour. For your chance to win all you have to do is make a post on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account, tag the band, name the town you’re in, and use the hashtag #poolwithpapavspretty. So come and play some pool. It will rule.

Ball Park Music and PvP Tour

13 March 2014

Ball Park Music and PvP Tour

So as you may know we are heading out on the road with Ball Park Music during April and May for the Puddinghead tour. This tour has the potential to absolutely and quite literally be the best time ever! We’re going pretty much everywhere (Sorry Darwin, Sorry Newcastle) and you’ll also be seeing either Jesse Davidson or Holy Holy at each of the shows depending on your exact location. We’re very much looking forward to it and we hope you are too. Check out the shows section below for dates and tickets

White Deer Park Out Now

20 February 2014

White Deer Park Out Now

At long last, we’re really proud to present our second album White Deer Park! Thank you all for your support over the last few weeks – give it a good listen and we hope you enjoy it!

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Sunday 20th April

Republic Bar


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour

Thursday 24th April

Astor Theatre


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour

Friday 25th April

Studio 146


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour

Saturday 26th April

Prince of Wales


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour

Sunday 27th April

Newport Hotel


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour

Friday 2nd May

The Gov


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour (All ages show)

Saturday 3rd May

Corner Hotel


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour (Under 18's - Daytime show)

Saturday 3rd May

Corner Hotel


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour

Sunday 4th May

Corner Hotel


Ball Park Music Puddinghead Tour


It’s a mysterious thing, this music-making.

A group of people enter a strange space - walls covered in carpet, metal boxes everywhere, swathes of buttons and cords and leads and blinking lights and bewildering space-age machinery - and weeks later emerge, blinking, from the darkness, album in hand.

What exactly happens within the hallowed walls of the recording studio? Who knows; we can be but content to listen to the fruits of the secret labours of those who understand things like which end of a guitar to plug into an amplifier. Fortunately, Papa Vs Pretty’s new album, White Deer Park, unfolds some of the mysteries of this musical alchemy.

“We decided the best way to go about all of this was to source some drums and lots of other instruments and put microphones in front of them while we played them,” the band explained en masse. Okay, okay, there’s more to it than that, and here’s the technical explanation: lots and lots of metal boxes. Thomas Rawle, lead singer and songwriter, said he was thrilled with the use of the metal boxes. “Yes the wizards here have really laid out the purple carpet for us,” said Thom. “When I felt that metal in my hand I knew we were making a big record. Those metal boxes are actually really heavy!” It wasn’t only the metal boxes that stepped up to the plate for the recording of White Deer Park: the band, now a four-piece thanks to the addition of Luke Liang’s guitar and keyboard wizardry, really aced their sound through a long and prolific period of songwriting. You can hear that magic at work on soaring single My Life Is Yours, which caps off an album that represents the cream skimmed from the top of years’ worth of experimentation.

“We wrote over 80 songs and the culling process was intense!” Thom recalls, only slightly wearily. “I started writing My Life Is Yours before I went to L.A. for the first time and finished when I got back. It was a total life changing experience when I went there for the first time and it set the tone for what followed.”

The City of Angels brought the band together with producer Dave Trumfio, too. “He came all the way from America to help us do this album. He said he’d done it before for Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and Grandaddy and that it worked for them so we figured he knew what he was doing,” he recalls with a wink.

“I think at times we all had moments where we didn’t really know what we were doing or why we were doing it,” bassist Gus Gardiner recalls, before giving away the secret of the album’s creation: “Sometimes the instruments don’t sound the way you want them to and that can be frustrating both for you and for everyone else in the band. But we found, over time, that most instruments sound great when you play them just right.”

And play them right is precisely what the band has done all the way through White Deer Park. That’s the magic and the mystery of music, people.


Million Different Ways cover

Million Different Ways

17th March 2014
EMI / Peace and Riot

Million Different Ways

White Deer Park cover

White Deer Park

21st February 2014
EMI / Peace and Riot

Give Me A Reason Not To
Suburban Joan Of Arc
Let It Begin
My Life Is Yours
Rain Check
To Do
Million Different Ways
Whatever Works
While I'm Still Young
Roses After Dark
Dementia Praecox

Smother cover


6th December 2013
EMI / Peace and Riot


My Life Is Yours cover

My Life is Yours

13th September 2013
EMI / Peace and Riot

My Life Is Yours

United in Isolation cover

United in Isolation

27th May 2011
EMI / Peace and Riot

Life’s Got a Hold on Me
One of the Animals
Charity Case
Look for Me
I Felt Nothing
Darkest Way
Bitter Pill
Suit & Burn
You Are Not in Love Anymore

Heavy Harm cover

Heavy Harm EP

13th August 2010
EMI / Peace and Riot

Heavy Harm
Sgt. Suffer
Wrecking Ball
Ask Yourself
I Still Believe In Us